Specialists in Cold and Dry Storage Repair

We are experts in installation, maintenance, and repair of any type of cold or dry storage facility.

  • Are your doors warped?
  • Do you have ice build-up?
  • Dock Doors hit by forklift?
  • Vehicle damage to Delivery Gate or Fence?

We can fix all that, and so much more!

We are located in Dallas/Fort Worth, and service North Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi

Our Services

We provide commercial service, repair and installation of doors in Dry Storage and Cold Storage warehouses/facilities. We also provide service to Hospital Kitchens, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Schools and Retirement & Nursing Homes

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Free Estimates

Call us at 1-800-676-2491 or fill out this form on the website to request a free estimate.

Unique Coatings by Arctic

Apart from our cooler-freezer door repair services, we offer spray-on coatings that are environmentally safe for use in the food production and storage industry – as well as a wide range of other uses.