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Forklift or Pallet Jack damage to your doors?

Damaged Security Gates?

We can repair almost any type of door including reach-in doors, if the damage is too great, we can furnish and install new.  We do not work on reach-in cooler doors older than 10 years because the parts are absolete.  

7331 John T White Rd Ft Worth TX 76120 us


The condition of your Dock Doors may challenge your company's ability to deliver goods in a timely manner in today's competitive market.

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We specialize in all types of Commercial Warehouse and Storage Facility Maintenance and Repair. 


The quality of your goods often depends on the condition of your Freezer and Cooler Doors to protect and preserve the quality of storage.

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Arctic Repair Inc

7331 John T White Rd

Fort Worth, TX 76120


Commercial Warehouse Repair